Term 2 2020- Important information- Return to school

As stated by the Department of Education and Training, students will begin to return to school in the coming weeks. As you will appreciate, these are still unusual and changing times. 

The information below is as it stands today after information and advice from the Department of Education and Training, Region, DHHS and local decision making. It is subject to changes as the information around the pandemic changes.

The key dates are as follows:
Monday 25th May – Pupil Free Day for staff to return to school and make necessary preparations. This means NO remote learning or onsite supervision.
Tuesday 26th May – Students from Prep / 1 / 2 return to school. NO further remote learning provided for these grades.
Students from grades 3-6 requiring onsite supervision need to request it through emailing the school by Thursday of the week prior.
Monday 8th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday – no school for anybody.
Tuesday 9th June – Students from Grades 3-6 return. NO further remote learning provided for these grades.

Students Remaining at Home
Parents, who decide not to send students back on their return date, must contact the school and explain why. There will be no remote learning provided to these students.

Changes to Procedures and Practices
Whilst students are returning to school, the pandemic is not over. Changes have been made to the way things happen at school and they will remain for the rest of the term. These changes are in line with Department guidance on social distancing for adults, Covid19 Management Plans and DHHS advice.

Parent Free Zones: Parents are not to access the school site (grounds or buildings). Exemptions will be made for parents or carers of children with additional needs who require physical assistance to get to class.
Parents are to drop their children off at the pedestrian gates on either Suspension St or McLaughlin St side of the school between 8:45AM and 9:00AM. Gates will be locked until 8:45AM and locked again by 9:15AM Parents are asked to then leave immediately to allow other parents to do the same.

If you need to drop your children off late or pick them up early, phone the school on 9363 1194 and someone will assist you.

Additional Adults
At this stage, staff employed directly by the school will be permitted onsite. All other visitors, including therapists, will not be permitted at this stage.

Sick Students
Due to the nature of the current pandemic, sick students will not be permitted to remain onsite. Any child who presents with cold or flu like symptoms or a high temperature, will be sent home. Parents are to ensure there is someone available to pick the child up within 20 minutes. Staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE – gloves, gowns, masks) when dealing with sick children. Please advise the school of two emergency contacts who are available and willing to collect your child if you are unable to be contacted.

Food / Water
Families need to provide their child/ren with:
· Lunch
· Afternoon snack
· Water bottle – clearly labelled
· Breakfast / afternoon tea if in OSHC program
Ardeer Primary School
84-114 Suspension St, Ardeer, 3022
9363 1194
May 18th 2020

There will be NO Canteen this term.
The drinking taps will be turned off, staff can refill student bottles from the staffroom.
There will be no shared food / birthday cakes etc – see below.
Parents of students who attend school without food will be contacted to drop off lunch and snacks.

Due to students not being able to bring in and share food, we will help students celebrate their birthdays this term. All students who had/have a birthday between March 23rd (Early holidays) and June 26th (end of Term 2) will have this recognised on Thursday 18th June. Parents wishing for their child to participate are asked to send in a cupcake for their child only on this day. A prewrapped treat will be provided by the school for all children as a means of celebration.

School Bus
Upon the students return, social distancing between children will no longer apply. Therefore the bus runs will recommence. If your child is not returning to school at this time or if you prefer to bring / collect your child yourself, contact the school or Kristy by this Friday – May 22nd. This will allow Kristy time to review the bus runs and make any necessary changes.

Unfortunately, the August 2020 Sunnystones Camp has been cancelled. We will contact you next term in regards to money already paid.
There is a tentative date of Thursday September 17th for P-2 Sleepover (last Thursday Term 3). This will be dependent on Department advice closer to the time.
At this stage, all excursions and incursions for Term 2 are cancelled. Term 3 arrangements will be dependent on Department advice closer to the time.

Only students booked into Before or After School Care can attend. These bookings must be made at least a day prior to your child’s attendance. We cannot take casual bookings on the day due to staffing availability.

Before School Care:
Parents are permitted to drive into the car park.
From the car park text Chantal 0432 700 214 or Shane 0424 655 223 to let staff know your child is entering the building.
Breakfast will NOT be provided. Please ensure your child eats at home or brings breakfast with them.

After School Care:
Parents are permitted to drive into the car park.
From the car park text Chantal 0432 700 214 or Shane 0424 655 223 to dismiss your child.
Afternoon tea will NOT be provided. Please send in additional food with your child for the afternoon.

Actions: What we need you to do now
By reply post on Seesaw or by emailing the school at ardeer.ps@edumail.vic.gov.auPlease provide the names of 2 emergency contacts (not the parents) who are willing and available to collect your child should they be sick.
You need to provide their name, relationship to child and contact number. Our CASES21 system will be changed to reflect these emergency contacts, unless you tell us otherwise.

If your child is on the bus, contact Kristy and let her know if your child is returning as scheduled.
If your child will be attending OSHC – contact Chantal or the school and book your child in now.

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