Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
Ardeer Primary School is committed to graduating students who achieve academic excellence. We develop lifelong learners who value the power of education. Our students will value the importance of being environmentally responsible and contribute effectively to the diverse society in which they live.

Our Vision
Our Students will….
  • Have high expectations of themselves
  • Develop quality leadership skills
  • Be both literate and numerate across multi-disciplines
  • See education as a journey and value lifelong learning
  • Be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers
  • Be able to take risks in their learning
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Be able to transfer their skills to the real world
  • Be emotionally intelligent
  • Be able to effectively choose and use the relevant technology to enhance learning
  • Affect positive change as a global citizen
  • Explore and develop their skills across multi-disciplines

Our Staff will…

  • Have high expectations of themselves and their students
  • Have a collective responsibility for all students
  • Be committed to continual professional development
  • Model exemplary behaviours
  • Use the most effective research based instructional practices
  • Provide a safe and inclusive learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for the students to drive their own learning
  • Actively engage in PLT/PLC that is focused on working collaboratively to enhance student learning

Community Connections will result in…

  • A connectedness between families and the school
  • Positive interactions with the wider community
  • The community contributing to the success of the school
  • An appreciation of the diversity within the community
  • Stronger partnerships with local and wider organisations
  • A connectedness between families within the school


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