A Message from the Principal

Thank you for your interest in our caring and supportive small primary school. We think that you and your children would find this school to be a very happy place. The children are provided with a learning environment that encourages and supports them to reach their full potential. A happy and confident child at school enables the development of important attitudes to learning and social skill development. By developing a positive relationship with you the parent, a partnership between the home and school can be established that will enable this important time in your child’s life to be a valuable and memorable one.

We believe life is an education process and education is a lifelong process. We never stop learning. Education does not begin at school, or cease on leaving school. School however, affords a major opportunity for formal education in most people’s lives. It exercises a profound influence on a child’s life. The function of our Primary School is to create an educational environment that allows students to achieve to their maximum potential.

Parents who display a consistent positive knowledge and interest in their school and its educational process and their child, can be most influential in determining their child’s success. Being a member of a school community, which is rich in worthwhile interesting experiences, shared in a stimulating environment, allows for all round mental, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

We invite you to be part of your child’s education at Ardeer Primary School. We welcome your contribution and interest in our school and we look forward to your unrelenting support of your children, and our staff and programs. We encourage you to always feel comfortable about coming in to talk to us and to communicate any concerns or issues you may have.

We encourage you to think seriously about Ardeer Primary School. We are sure we will all benefit from the educational experiences we will share together.

Graham Miller



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