Our curriculum consists of a daily 2 hour literacy block (reading and writing) and a 1 hour numeracy session. We also incorporate our Inquiry Units into these lessons, to maximise student learning. Our lessons are tailored to include warm-up activities, introduction, group or independent activities, open-ended tasks and student reflection. Our lessons are tailored to meet all student needs and abilities.

Students select their own readers and are expected to read them every night. We check student readers on a daily basis. Each student also has their own spelling words, in which they will be tested. Weekly homework tasks are also given out to each student in Middle and Senior years.

We support all students through explicit teaching groups in Literacy and Numeracy and engage them in learning through independent reading and writing, maths games and puzzles. We provide all our students with relevant open ended learning experiences in Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry Units. We encourage and give our students one on one support to overcome any difficulties that may arise.

Our classrooms have supportive resources and equipment and we provide high-quality, equal and inclusive education. We endeavour to create confident and creative individuals and encourage all students to be active and informed citizens.
Inquiry Units

Using the Inquiry model, students explore a range of current real life events and experiences and are encouraged to put what they have learnt into practice to make a difference to their own lives and those of their community.


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