Students are engaged in daily mathematics lessons that develop their conceptual understanding of the following Victorian Curriculum Mathematics strands:

  • Number and Place value
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Measurement and Geometry

Learning in this area of the curriculum includes:

  • The use of a wide range of manipulatives to help develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Open-ended, problem solving activities and projects
  • The use of a variety of digital technologies to enhance learning, such as netbooks, iPads and interactive whiteboards.
Our staff deliver a range of differentiated, ‘hands on’ and written learning experiences.  We develop our student’s understanding of mathematical concepts and the use of mathematics in everyday life.  We seek to promote critical and creative thinking opportunities.  We transform learning from disjointed, memorisation of facts, to sense-making mathematics. Learning becomes more meaningful and purposeful for all students.


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