At Ardeer Primary School the Literacy block is taught daily across two hours and focuses on developing skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening.

These lessons consist of clear learning objectives, centred on developing the skills necessary for our students to become confident communicators, creative thinkers and informed members of our society.


The curriculum area of Reading and Viewing is an essential part of our curriculum. Reading sessions build on student knowledge through modelled, shared and independent reading experiences. A large focus in reading is developing the minds of our students as critical thinkers in order to deepen their understanding of what they read through a variety of reading comprehension strategies.

All classrooms have well stocked classroom libraries that are inviting to students and contain books that engage all reading abilities and interests.


The curriculum area of Writing focuses on developing the skills necessary for our students to able to become effective writers. Students are given the opportunity to write across a variety of genres and are exposed to a variety of mentor texts to help further develop their skills. Writing sessions consist of modelled, shared and independent writing experiences, in which students generate ideas, draft, revise, edit and publish their pieces of writing using a number of resources.











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