Child Safety

At Ardeer Primary School we are committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This is a primary focus of our decision-making and daily work.

Ardeer Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse. We have a culture focused on child safety, implements policies and procedures to ensure that there is zero tolerance of child abuse at our school.


The school’s policies and procedures provide the foundation for and commitment to child safety by ensuring:


-All school staff and volunteers comply with a code of conduct which addresses child safety.


-Recruitment processes are in place to manage and reduce the risk of child abuse.


-Policies and procedure for reporting and responding to suspected child abuse shall enable individuals to take the appropriate course of action to protect the safety of all students.


-The development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of risk management strategies to ensure child safety in the school environment.


-Children feel safe to report abuse and have processes in place to ensure that students are empowered to raise any child safety concerns.



Standard 1: We all have a right to feel safe at school. 
Standard 2: Our school is committed to children’s safety.

Standard 3: Everyone that works at our school needs to follow the rules of how to behave around children.

Standard 4: Our school only employs good people who care about children’s safety.

Standard 5: If something happens, we know who to tell and the adults at our school know what to do.

Standard 6: Our school works hard to make sure we are safe at school.

Standard 7: Our feelings matter and we feel comfortable telling trusted adults if something is wrong.


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