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Find My School helps parents plan for children’s future schooling. This is a website that shows the zones of all public schools in Victoria.

You can use findmyschool.vic.gov.au to see your local designated school by typing in your home address. The website shows the school zone, information about the school and its location on a map.

What is a designated neighbourhood school?
The designated neighbourhood school is the school that is nearest to the student’s permanent residence.


Enrolments for Ardeer Primary School are now open. You are invited to find out more about A.P.S by contacting the school and booking an individual tour.  Contact us on 9363 1194

Enrolment forms and other useful information such as canteen and uniform price lists are available at the office.


Prep Enrolments

If your child is starting prep please click on the link to download the Prep enrolment pack here


Grade 1- 6 Enrolments

Download the enrolment pack here



Enrolments 2022



(03) 9363 1194









84-114 Suspension St, Ardeer, 3022



Ardeer Primary School is a small, diverse, welcoming school embracing children from Ardeer and beyond.


Unique in its size and programs, Ardeer PS provides each child with a targeted academic program accompanied by social enrichment programs.



Comprehensive Curriculum

Extended Prep Transition Program

Supportive Year 7 Transition Program

Student Leadership

Upgraded school facilities

Support Programs throughout the school


Bus service to Derrimut

OSHC Program 6:30AM – 6:00PM

Visual Arts


Music Program


And much more

Prep Transition Program

For more than a decade we have run a two-term Prep Transition Program to ensure the youngest members of our school community are supported on their journey into fulltime education.


Running Friday mornings 8:45AM-12:00PM, children are given the opportunities to explore the environment, meet their new peers and teachers, do hands on classroom work and more.


Please contact the school for an enrolment pack or more information.


Meetings and Tours

We believe in individual family tours and meetings when you are considering Ardeer Primary School for your child. It enables you to feel comfortable asking the questions you want and discuss information specific to your child.


Due to the current pandemic, physical tours and meetings have been postponed but we will offer them as soon as restrictions are lifted. 


In the meantime, if you have any specific questions about the school or about your child’s needs, please email the school with your contact details and we will call you for a chat.




~ AK: Prep Transition is one of a kind – it’s a great program no one else offers.


~ LM: Small school so teachers really know the students well, it’s a massive plus. There’s also a great sense of community and you feel welcome.


~ SG: When I enrolled my children the main thing I looked for is communication and support. Ardeer Primary School has this!


~ SM: The school is all about acceptance and understanding that every child learns in their own unique way.


~ KB: All students are together, Prep-6, they’re together in the playground, playing sports, being buddies.


~ LV: Acceptance, the dedication to kids with additional needs, the small community feeling, the dedication of all staff.




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