At Ardeer Primary School we teach Science, Technologies, Engineering, Art and Mathematics in many ways across all curriculum areas.



Science provides students with the opportunity to question the changing world. They develop critical and creative thinking skills and challenge themselves to identify explore, apply new knowledge, explain science phenomena and draw evidence-based conclusions. The curriculum supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues.

From Foundation to Year 6, students learn:

  • Science as a Human Endeavour – people in their daily lives, effects of human actions, discoveries and inventions.
  • Biological Sciences - living and non-living things, lifecycles, adaptations and how the physical environment can impact growth/survival
  • Chemical Sciences – materials as objects, natural and processed materials, states of matter and how they change.
  • Earth and Space Sciences – seasons, weather, Earth’s changes, solar system, geological changes and extreme weather conditions.
  • Physical Science – objects can move by pushing or pulling, light and sound, forces, temperature and energy.

Inquiry lessons allow for focused and hands on learning about science. Many of these concepts are integrated into the teaching and learning through English, Mathematics and Personal and Social Capabilities. We recognise and celebrate National Science Week through activities and shared learning opportunities.



Design and Technologies is integrated into the curriculum across multi-subjects. Students from Foundation create designed solutions and build on these skills up to Year 6. Each grade has access to iPads, laptops and a STEM Space with desktop computers.

Students use technology for:

  • Investigating
  • Generating
  • Producing
  • Evaluating
  • Planning and managing

Apps and software we use to support student creativity and design are Book Creator, Explain Everything, Stop Motion, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, along with educational games like Hit the Button. Seesaw is a communication app that staff and students use to share learning with families.   



Students have the opportunity to plan, design and create. They reflect deeply about their learning. Students engage in subjects including history, science, geography and community creating posters, PowerPoints, reports, dioramas and models. Students work independently or in groups at school, or with their families at home for homework projects.



The Visual Arts program is designed to promote creativity and imagination, where students are able to exercise their emotions and intellect simultaneously, therefore providing a vehicle for self-expression. The art program provides all students with the opportunity to use and experience a wide range of art/craft media, techniques and processes to develop an appreciation of all forms of the Visual Arts, in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. The Visual Arts program includes drawing, painting, construction, collage, threads and textiles, modelling while incorporating the use of artistic elements for: line, shape, colour, pattern, texture to develop and extend skills as well as promoting an awareness of the aesthetics of art through appreciation and understanding of their own art. 



At Ardeer Primary School, we believe Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life. For students to be confident, successful learners and active participants in their world, they need to develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understandings to be able to think creatively, analyse and communicate information and ideas. It is important to improve students’ numeracy skills through a range of challenging and engaging learning experiences that extends their prior knowledge.



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