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Welcome to our website. Our school offers students a caring and nurturing learning environment. Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a positive and enriching program, appreciating the individual needs and interests of each child.

Mission Statement

Ardeer Primary School is committed to graduating students who achieve academic excellence. We develop lifelong learners who value the power of education. Our students will value the importance of being environmentally responsible and contribute effectively to the diverse society in which they live.

Our Vision

Our Students will….

-          Have high expectations of themselves

-          Develop quality leadership skills

-          Be both literate and numerate across multi-disciplines

-          See education as a journey and value lifelong learning

-          Be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers

-          Be able to take risks in their learning

-          Have a growth mindset

-          Be able to transfer their skills to the real world

-          Be emotionally intelligent

-          Be able to effectively choose and use the relevant technology to enhance learning

-          Affect positive change as a global citizen

-          Explore and develop their skills across multi-disciplines

Our Staff will…

-          Have high expectations of themselves and their students

-          Have a collective responsibility for all students

-          Be committed to continual professional development

-          Model exemplary behaviours

-          Use the most effective research based instructional practices

-          Provide a safe and inclusive learning environment

-          Provide opportunities for the students to drive their own learning

-          Actively engage in PLT/PLC that is focused on working collaboratively to enhance student learning

Community Connections will result in…

-          A connectedness between families and the school

-          Positive interactions with the wider community

-          The community contributing to the success of the school

-          An appreciation of the diversity within the community

-          Stronger partnerships with local and wider organisations

-          A connectedness between families within the school


Principal’s welcome

Thank you for your interest in our caring and supportive small primary school.

We think that you and your children would find this school to be a very happy place. The children are provided with a learning environment that encourages and supports them to reach their full potential. A happy and confident child at school enables the development of important attitudes to learning and social skill development. By developing a positive relationship with you the parent, a partnership between the home and school can be established that will enable this important time in your child’s life to be a valuable and memorable one.

We believe life is an education process and education is a lifelong process. We never stop learning. Education does not begin at school, or cease on leaving school. School however, affords a major opportunity for formal education in most people’s lives. It exercises a profound influence on a child’s life. The function of our Primary School is to create an educational environment that allows students to achieve to their maximum potential.

Parents who display a consistent positive knowledge and interest in their school and its educational process and their child, can be most influential in determining their child’s success. Being a member of a school community, which is rich in worthwhile interesting experiences, shared in a stimulating environment, allows for all round mental, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

We invite you to be part of your child’s education at Ardeer Primary School. We welcome your contribution and interest in our school and we look forward to your unrelenting support of your children, and our staff and programs. We encourage you to always feel comfortable about coming in to talk to us and to communicate any concerns or issues you may have.

We encourage you to think seriously about Ardeer Primary School. We are sure we will all benefit from the educational experiences we will share together.

Graham Miller


Estia (formerly Ardeer House) – Community Involvement

Students at Ardeer Primary School pay weekly visits to the residents at aged care home Estia. A different grade visits each week to dance and sing while the residents join in. The children join in with games of bingo and interact with the residents. The residents have also made trips to the school, visiting students and watching them perform concerts.

“It’s a great program where you can take students as young as six and seven and take residents as old as 90 and blend them together” said Diversional Therapist at Estia.



Prep Transition

At Ardeer Primary School we run a successful expanded Prep Transition Program. The focus of the program will be gross and fine motor skills along with school orientation and transition activities.

Our program runs each Friday from 9:00am- 12:00pm, in conjunction with our junior school development program. It runs in term 3 and 4.

It is important to us to give all children the best possible start to their schooling and have found this program enables us to do so effectively.

If you wish to have a tour of Ardeer Primary School or require additional information please contact us at your convenience.


Before/After School Care
Our school runs a very educational before and after school care program.
Before School Care operates Monday – Friday from 7.00am-8.45am.

After School Care operates Monday – Friday from 3.15pm –6.00pm.
Please contact us for more information.
Ardeer Primary has an onsite canteen run by community volunteers. We are an awarded Kids – Go For Your Life school providing and encouraging healthy and active living within our students.  Our canteen provides children with hot meals, sandwiches, wraps and a range of healthy snacks.

School Bus
Our school has a bus which runs between Ardeer Primary School, Brimbank Gardens and Derrimut each day.

Children are picked up in the morning and returned each afternoon to designated points.

For more details, please contact the school and speak to our friendly staff.

School Sports
Ardeer Primary School runs an extensive sports program. Our specialist P.E teacher takes each class for an hour a week. This includes ball skills, team games and gymnastics.

The school also runs a two week swimming program for all children.

Children from grades 4-6 participate in interschool sports with other schools in the local area.

Sports include:

· T-ball

· Soccer

· Bat tennis

· Basketball

· Cricket

· Newcomb

· Netball

· Rounders



Ardeer Primary is a small but well-resourced school. It has interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms. Classrooms are equipped with computers and iPads. There is a computer lab for all classes to use. All of these provide children will the tools for life in the 21st century.

Ardeer also has an oval for the children to partake in interschool team sports. Our basketball court, running track and volley ball court have ‘tiger turf’. The children are able to play outside all year round due to our extensive adventure playground which is covered by shade sails.

Ardeer Primary school has a school library where children can borrow books each week. Also every grade has a classroom library with a range of books both levelled and interest based.

Ardeer is a technologically efficient school which is always looking for resources to engage children across the school.

Curriculum and Services

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of a daily 2 hour literacy block (reading and writing) and a 1 hour numeracy session. We also incorporate our Inquiry Units into these lessons, to maximise student learning. Our lessons are tailored to include warm-up activities, introduction, group or independent activities, open-ended tasks and student reflection. Our lessons are tailored to meet all student needs and abilities.

Students select their own readers and are expected to read them every night. We check student readers on a daily basis. Each student also has their own spelling words, in which they will be tested. Weekly homework tasks are also given out to each student in Middle and Senior years.

We support all students through explicit teaching groups in Literacy and Numeracy and engage them in learning through independent reading and writing, maths games and puzzles. We provide all our students with relevant open ended learning experiences in Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry Units. We encourage and give our students one on one support to overcome any difficulties that may arise.

Our classrooms have supportive resources and equipment and we provide high-quality, equal and inclusive education. We endeavour to create confident and creative individuals and encourage all students to be active and informed citizens.
Inquiry Units

Using the Inquiry model, students explore a range of current real life events and experiences and are encouraged to put what they have learnt into practice to make a difference to their own lives and those of their community.


Students work in the following areas:

- Number and Algebra

- Measurement and Geometry

- Statistics and Probability

Students are encouraged to regularly practise the following:

- Calculations of sums involving all the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

- Times tables up to 12.


Literacy is a very important part of the curriculum at Ardeer Primary School. Literacy is made up of three components: Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Students have at least ten hours of Literacy per week during structured lessons which cater for the needs and learning abilities of the students.

Reading at Ardeer Primary School

What does reading look like at Ardeer Primary School?

Reading can be taught in a number of different ways. At Ardeer Primary School the following models are used:

Independent Reading

Independent Reading is when students read ‘Just Right’ books on their own for a sustained period of time. These are books that are at the student’s reading ability. During this time the teacher does Reading Conferences with individual students, where they will discuss the text, different reading strategies being used and set future reading goals.


Read Aloud


Read Aloud is where the teacher reads a text to the students. During this time the teacher explicitly models different reading behaviours and strategies to the children.


Shared Reading


Shared Reading is an interactive reading experience where students join in or share the reading of a big book or other enlarged text while being guided and supported by the teacher.


Guided Reading


Guided Reading involves a teacher working with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviours and can read similar levels of texts. The small group model allows children to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs.


Buddy Reading (Paired Reading)


This is where 2 students sit together to read a shared text. They may read at the same time or take turns at reading. During this time students may help eachother with unfamiliar words, look at pictures and discuss the text. They may also work on a set goal from the Mini Lesson.


Literature Circles


In Literature Circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by the students’ response to what they have read. They may talk about events and characters in books, the author’s craft (the way the writing is put together) or personal experiences related to the story.


Purposeful Reading Activities

These are reading activities that children can do either in small groups or individually. Here they can practise different reading strategies that they have learnt and focus on skills such as fluency and expression. Examples of Purposeful Reading Activities include poetry, jokes, board games, magazines, big books, Readers Theatre and Games.

Take Home Readers

At Ardeer Primary School, children are encouraged to read at home on a daily basis. Children are given books that are specific to their reading needs and abilities. Each child has a Record Book for the book to be recorded and for parents to sign and write a comment once they have listened to their child read. At the end of each term students with the highest number of nights receive certificates and awards.  

Writing at Ardeer Primary School

What does writing look like at Ardeer Primary School?

 Writing can be taught in a number of different ways. At Ardeer Primary School the following methods are used:

Modelled Writing

Modelled Writing is where the teacher models how to write something with a specific focus. This may be modelling how to structure a certain text type, such as a letter, story or procedure, correct use of grammar or punctuation or the use of words in writing (word choice).

Shared Writing

Shared Writing is a teaching model where the teacher and the students collaborate to write a text together. In this  model, the teacher scribes as the children give their ideas on what to write.

Interactive Writing

Interactive Writing is used to teach students in the early years how to write. This involves the students and teacher composing and writing a text together, sharing the pen. Shared Writing can be done one-on-one with a student or with a small group of students.

Guided Writing

Guided writing sessions are temporary, small-group lessons teaching those strategies that a group of students most need to practise with immediate guidance from the teacher. Guided writing can be taught after a whole-class focus once other students are actively engaged in Independent Writing.

Independent Writing 

In Independent Writing students write their own pieces. They use skills they have learnt during modelled, shared, guided or interactive writing sessions.  



Students from grades 3 to 6 have the opportunity to attend local and interstate camps. Grades Prep, 1 and 2 students have the option to participate in a school sleepover.



On Mondays and Wednesdays, all our students are welcome to attend breakfast at school from 8.30am until 8.45am. We serve a variety of cereal including Weet Bix and oats as well as toast with condiments such as vegemite, jam and honey.

The school vegetable patch is extremely popular with all our students and provides them with real life gardening experience such as watering, weeding, planting and harvesting.

Weekly homework tasks are provided for all students in the Middle and Senior sectors to suit their abilities. Daily homework includes timestable practice, spelling and reading.

Peer Support and Leadership
Our school and house captains work closely with all our students to follow our school values. Our students are encouraged to become leaders where they work closely together.


We have yearly scholarships available to our students where the value of $100 is used towards their schooling costs.

Our excursions and incursions are organised to relate to our Inquiry Units. They are highly beneficial for all students.

Environmental Programs
- Water warriors

- Recycling

- Veggie patch/garden guru programs including cooking

Our canteen is an awarded healthy canteen. We place high importance on the health and well-being of all our students and encourage them to be active and eat balanced meals. It is also volunteer-run so our pricing is affordable.

 More more information or to organise a school viewing, please call or visit us.

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